Aquatic Retailer Support
for the Big Fish Campaign

Support from aquatic retailers is essential for the Big Fish Campaign to succeed. This includes general pet shops that sell fish, garden centres, large chains, small independent retailers and specialist aquatic retailers.

The main ways in which retailers can support the campaign are:

  • Display the Big Fish Campaign poster (see below) to make customers think about the size of fish they are buying.
  • Ensure that they display realistic adult sizes of the larger fish in stock so that customers can make informed decisions.
  • Consider not stocking the most problematic species such as Pacu and Pangasius catfish.

Those already supporting the campaign do not feel that these measures should in any way damage trade - in fact, displaying an honest and responsible attitude towards selling fish suitable for a particular tank size sends a positive message to customers.

Download the Big Fish Campaign poster to display in your premises:

Big Fish Campaign poster

Retailers that have already pledged their support for the campaign include:

Pets at Home

Wharf Aquatics

Aquarium Plant Food UK

Coalville Aquatics

Planted Tanks

Tropico Aquatics

Devotedly Discus

Maidenhead Aquatics

All Natural Pet Care

Sixhills Aquatics

Tangtastic Aquatics

We are providing back-links to any Retailer websites featuring articles or information about the Big Fish Campaign, or who display a link and the campaign logo on their website.

Big Fish Campaign poster on display at an aquatic retail premises

Big Fish Campaign poster on display at an aquatic retail premises.

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